Empowering Consumers

Food Sustainesia is a community-based social business focused on building an ecosystem that would bring more fun and engaging audiovisual contents, campaigns and educational platforms for young adults as food consumers to make better choices everyday.

Our Core Value

Creating a community-based ecosystem  for food consumer by promoting sustainable behaviour while focusing on creating impact by addressing food sustainability issues in a fun, engaging and innovative way.

Community-Based Ecosystem

Building a community-based ecosystem that acts as a support system for both emotional and practical support to promote sustainable behaviour. Our community includes the internal team, customers, audiences, and partners.

Impact-Driven Business

Balancing between profit and impact while focusing on addressing food waste and loss, nutritional challenges, and sustainable agriculture issues, by doing intervention on the consumer level.

Fun, engaging, and innovative are a must!

All three are equally important for our community and every product that we deliver, to ensure that the process and output are both well taken into account.

Our Impacts

By activities we’ve done, we are contributing to the local communities

Education Impact

100k+ Views from educational contents
150+ Participants of Learning program

From every audience engaged, we want to bring more awareness on their food choices and its impact on health and environment to increase the amount of conscious consumers.

Social Impact

100+ person get healthy food every month

From every package we sold on curration store we give back to the local communities by bringing them localand healthier food options.

Economic Impact

150+ Products from 30+ Local MSMEs on Eathink Market

From every curated product that we sold, we want to grow the consumption of healthy and sustainable products while supporting local MSMEs in Indonesia.

Sustainability Commitment

We are committed to support 3 key points
of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by United Nations

Our Services


Media Partnerships

We provide professional amplification and on-site coverage services for events, programs, and products tailored to sustainable communities.


Participate in our community events or leverage our support to organize your own, ensuring meaningful engagement with your audience.

Social Campaign

Engage in our innovative social campaigns to captivate audiences, spark conversations, and drive sustainable behavior, or let us handle yours.


Gain invaluable insights and expertise through our learning initiatives from exclusive workshops, seminars, and online material resources designed.


Eathink Market Store

Visit our curated store to embrace sustainable lifestyle made easy with curated local foods tailored to your dietary needs

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