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At Food Sustainesia, individual success is a joint effort. You own your growth, and the support is ours to give. In all its forms.


What makes our culture unique?

Our company mission

Food Sustainesia is a community-based social enterprise with a mission to build an ecosystem in which Indonesian consumers can make better choices as food consumers for their personal benefit and the surrounding environment to ensure food sustainability. We aim to provide credible and relatable content to consumers through digital media and platforms, as well as provide access for consumers to learn about sustainable behaviors related to food.

What’s in it for you?

Have a meaningful and impactful yet exciting journey with us!

We are building a company that emphasizes meaningful journeys for the people working with the team by creating not only positive impact through our organization, but also positive culture within the company that encourages collaboration. We will have interesting explorations as we continuously strive to stay relevant with the consumers, which means we will rapidly change while keeping our core values, following the trend happening around us.

Discover the best for you!

As the company is still in its very early stage and we’re still discovering the best version of ourselves, it’s also the opportunity for you to keep exploring and discover the best version of yourself through innovations and collaborations with the team! We are building a team where people can be themselves in manifesting their excellence with the company, but still having fun while doing it.

Let’s work together

Available vacancies in Food Sustainesia!

Graphic Designer
UI/UX Designer
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